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Streaming platform Spotify is to launch in 85 new markets with Uganda as one of the new locations and will be bringing the service to more than a billion extra people.
The announcement came out of Spotify’s Stream On event, intended to reveal how the streaming-music giant wants to improve both creator and fan experiences on its service.
The Swedish company said that Spotify would be available in 36 new languages, including Romanian, Hindi, and Swahili, and supported in more than 60 languages in total.
Chief Freemium Business Officer Alex Norström delivered the news and said, “A new generation of creators and listeners is rising, carried by passion and creativity and empowered by big advances in technology.”
Spotify has been lagging as far as its presence in the African continent especially in Uganda with users and content creators having to jump through various hoops just to get access.

So what does Spotify coming to Uganda mean?
They have a large audience.
The Swedish company, which started its service more than a decade ago, is currently available in 93 countries and has 345 million monthly active users.
Decreases Piracy. Spotify allows users to download music such as albums by making it available offline for their listening pleasure or to save data but they can’t download the tracks to burn them to a CD or copy them to other devices.

Digital sales are on the rise with more people choosing streaming platforms over CDS. Spotify is free to use on mobile, desktop, or tablet – so it’s accessible with ease with different levels of streaming quality depending on user subscription.
During the announcement, Spotify shared that the Free and Premium plans would be available across all the markets. In the select markets, Spotify would offer Individual, Family, Duo, and Student Plan options.
As an added advantage for advertisers, non-subscribers must listen to ads without skipping. Subscription fees also mean more money for content creators such as artists.

Find more friends and fans and stay in touch. Spotify allows you to sign up with Facebook or connect your account and also helps you find friends as well as what they are listening to. For privacy issues, you can always opt for the private listening mode. Additionally while listening on Spotify, it’s sociable and your fans become promoters just by listening.

Spotify also allows users to play music across multiple devices, over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi depending on your subscription. It allows you create playlists of all types for children or even your cute furry friends.
As an artist, your song might become a hit through music streams from curated playlists.

New artists are discovered online and who knows? You just might make Billboard’s Hot 100 with only online streams.