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6 Tips on how to have a successful phygital event in 2021

One of the biggest questions everyone asked in 2021 was ‘What does phygital mean?’

Phygital stands for physical and digital.

Every event organizer worldwide always wants to bring the best event experiences to clients and party-goers while adapting to the new normal. Whether you’re planning a conference, webinar, concert, or corporate activity, these tips will guide you in planning, marketing for a successful phygital event in 2021.

  • Before you plan an event.
    Ask yourself, ‘How would the physical event look like?’ and ‘what experience do I want to give the attendees?’ & ‘Does the event have a physical or virtual event? This is when you have to address the tough decision! Do I wait for physical events to be safe again or do I attempt a phygital event?
  • Sell it to your stakeholders.
    Before you get excited about doing your phygital event, it is important to engage and sell the idea to your event stakeholders so that they are on board with the event all the way.  In case it’s your first time, you may not be so confident about making your pitch and that’s the best time to consider the option of getting an expert to put together your pitch i.e a reputable event company.
  • Consult/hire a professional event company.
    One would think there’s no rocket science to having a seamless phygital event but that’s not the case. A phygital event is founded on the same principles of a physical event that is experience matters.  By letting a professional company do the production, programming, and live streaming, you allow yourself more time to focus on tailoring the experience, marketing, and engagement of stakeholders i.e sponsors and audience.
  • Experience is very important.
    Does it look good? Does it feel good? Does it sound good? Does it make someone want to talk about it? These are some of the questions your experience should capitalize on. The more you can engage your attendees, the more successful it will be. Consider one of the most sprawling events that happened last year Nyege-Nyege festival that had artists and everything you’d expect from the world’s largest dance music festival.
  • Choose the right platform and promote
    The last thing you want to do when planning virtual events is to jump from one digital tool to another to accomplish different tasks.  A recent study shows that live stream platforms are shifting from Platforms like Facebook and Instagram to zoom, whova,  Microsoft teams to enable exclusive events such as conferences among members of a particular organization or corporate spaces to have positive user experiences.  By centralizing all of your efforts, you’ll waste much less time and effort without depriving your online audience of the desired experience and still focus on a seamless event.
  • Practice makes perfect.
    These are new technologies that require you to practice often. It is important to cover every aspect such as programming, sound, video, technical, etc of your phygital event to make sure that the response from you and your team is how you want it to be for your audience to leave buzzing with anticipation and excitement after the event. It just might save you money down the line.

Extra tip: Keep your call to action clear and precise. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do when interacting with your content or event.

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