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WHAT SPOTIFY COMING TO UGANDA MEANS? Streaming platform Spotify is to launch in 85 new markets with Uganda as one of the new locations and will be bringing the service to more than a billion extra people. The announcement came out of Spotify’s Stream On event, intended to reveal how the streaming-music giant wants to improve both creator and fan experiences on its service. The Swedish company said that Spotify would be available in 36 new languages, including Romanian, Hindi, and Swahili, and supported in more than 60 languages in total. Chief Freemium Business Officer Alex Norström delivered the news and said, “A new generation of creators and listeners is rising, carried by passion and creativity and empowered by big…

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6 Tips on how to have a successful phygital event in 2021 One of the biggest questions everyone asked in 2021 was ‘What does phygital mean?’ Phygital stands for physical and digital. Every event organizer worldwide always wants to bring the best event experiences to clients and party-goers while adapting to the new normal. Whether you’re planning a conference, webinar, concert, or corporate activity, these tips will guide you in planning, marketing for a successful phygital event in 2021. Before you plan an event. Ask yourself, ‘How would the physical event look like?’ and ‘what experience do I want to give the attendees?’ & ‘Does the event have a physical or virtual event? This is when you have to address…

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