Talent Africa offers compelling experiential marketing services for clients that range from Club Beer, Bell Lager, Absolute Vodka to Johnny Walker and many more. Experiential marketing is an exceptional way to provide your company’s customers with the opportunity to engage and interact with your brands, products and services in a meaningful and intimate environment. Talent Africa will bring these to life using your consumers needs, to create unique and unforgettable experiences that will allow them to discover the value of your brands. Our exceedingly experienced and dedicated team works closely with your brand culture, and complements it with elements that the customer can feel, hear, see, taste or smell, thereby reaching your customers and prospective customers on a personal and powerful level. Experiential marketing not only encourages customers to share their emotionally rewarding experiences with your company; with their friends and family, but will also make them fall in love with your brand!

Talent Africa’s corporate headquarters are at:
Plot 1 Kololo Hill Drive Kampala, Uganda