American Grammy award winner, Diplo who is the creator behind some of the biggest global pop hits at the moment, set the roof down with an energetic and thrilling performance at Golf Course Hotel on Friday 21st April 2017.

The event attracted quite a rare crowd of Kampala revelers who were mostly, young. Dominated by Asians and Europeans, the event served perfectly as solace for those who can’t have a night in American nightclubs.

The DJ lineup like Inzain, Dark Meme and Kampire proved that indeed, there’s more to the deejaying industry than the popular faces on TV and popular clubs.

Diplo arrived on stage at around 11am amidst cheers and screams from the audience. The fact that he can play Hip hop, dancehall and EDM all in one set, gives a clear picture of why he is one of the most sought after Deejays not only in America but the world entirely.

The experience that night was indescribable. Calling it epic, breathtaking or awesome is simply an understatement.

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