Q: Does Talent Africa offer internships? How can I apply for an internship at Talent Africa?

A: Talent Africa has 2 annual intakes for internship programs. The first intake is from July to August and the second intake from October to December. All applications must be sent at least 30 days before each intake. Please send your CV and a letter of motivation to us here to apply for an internship with us. click for info


Q: How can I get a job at Talent Africa / Is Talent Africa hiring?

A: Any employment opportunities at Talent Africa are posted on this website and our other social media pages [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]


Q: What is the cost of booking one of your artists or events?

A: Booking prices for artists differ depending on the artists’ experience, genre, size of the event and position in the industry. Talent Africa will always keep your budget in mind when discussing the costs of a booking. To book an artist with us or to receive a quote, please check here


Q: What is the costs of creating, recording and producing a song at Talent Africa?

A: Costs associated to our services are highly dependent on the client’s needs. Please request for a quote here.


Q: Does Talent Africa manage artists’ careers?

A: Yes, Talent Africa manages artist’s that meet particular requisites as per the company code. Please find more information here.


Q: How can I get signed to Talent Africa’s record label?

A: Send us a demo or links to your music, homepage, music and biography to info@talentafricagroup.com. The Talent Africa team will get back to you thereafter, should we be interested.


Q: What equipment does Talent Africa use?

A: This depends on the service you book, e.g. and event or recording a song require different equipment. The occasion, size of crowd and budget affect the equipment decisions. Talent Africa’s equipment is of a professional industry standard.


Q: How many dancers, artists or performers do I need for my event?

A: Talent Africa will recommend the number of performers you need for your particular event.


Q: What does Talent Africa actually do? What is the scope of your services?

A: Talent Africa offers a multi-purpose, 360-degrees scope of services including talent management, bookings, event management, promotion, audio recording, audio production, video production, public relations management, casting and experiential marketing. The Talent Africa team dedicates itself to creating, reshaping, producing and distributing entertainment and lifestyle products across multiple platforms in the East African region. Read the About Us section for more information.


Q: How can I get in touch with Talent Africa?

A: You can submit your inquiry to us here.



Talent Africa’s corporate headquarters are at:
Plot 1 Kololo Hill Drive Kampala, Uganda